Find your voice, the world needs it

You have a voice and a desire to express your voice and unless you allow it to come out you will forever feel repressed.

Sometimes you're in tune with it and sometimes you're not but it's always waiting for you whenever your mind is quiet.

When your mind is quiet see yourself observing things in a different way. You contemplate change and you dream vividly.

Your inner voice is strong and always has a desire to be expressed but you can feel it only when you're at ease and care free. When your preoccupied with life, work, kids you ignore it.

Have you ever caught yourself observing dust in a ray of sun? Or watched drops of water continually splash on a surface? That's when you're there and in touch.

If you've been wanting more for yourself but never have seen it happen in a way that satisfies you it's probably because you're not in touch with your true Self. Or maybe you never allow yourself to stay there long enough to allow the expression to gain momentum. Why do we do this to ourselves? Couldn't the expression of our true Self be the path to a more fulfilling life?

We ignore our desires because we think we're crazy. We think our true selves are the ones getting along in the fast paced world. The one that's getting drinks after work because we deserve it. We believe that if we aren't doing a million things we're not doing enough and we're not good enough. We think that by doing more we will be able to fill the void. Whenever there's a moment of calm we wonder what else we could be doing. Just one more thing. Everybody's running marathons these days; maybe I should too.

We've been taught to hurry to get an education and a job so we can go out and get things. Because getting things is the purpose of life isn't it? Technology makes this worse because we see the things that other people get and we think we need to do the same. Not just material goods but attending events or a baking perfect cake.

It's a disease. I really mean that. There are healthy ways of doing anything and also very unhealthy ways. When we do anything through compulsion it's very unhealthy.

How can we avoid compulsion? The only thing we need to do is to listen to our true Selves. Trust your Self. This is more difficult than it seems. We live in a society that doesn't value self inquiry.

You might work or have worked in an organization like most employed people do. Has anybody there ever talked about what they have failed at? Is talking about what we fail at normal conversation? It can be but in corporate settings it's mostly seen as weakness.

You might have gone to school. Do we teach you how to learn from failure or do we teach you that success is all that matters? Our system is based on success and it's easy to control anybody because of our aversion to failure. Just mention the possibility of failure and you can get anybody to do what you want.

We learn we can't trust ourselves because failure isn't an option. How can we ever get to expressing what's really inside when we're always just avoiding failure?

We have foregone our innermost expression for a system of convention. We have literally taught ourselves to lose faith in ourselves. We have been conditioned from the moment our parents started saying don't do that you'll get hurt.

Kids know what they can and cannot do whether you believe that or not. Whenever my kids start doing something stupid, I walk away. You should try it. As soon as we as parents are gone they start thinking for themselves and they get better.

If that makes me sound like an awesome parent well by the end of the day I will have done at least one stupid thing. It's OK for me to fail. I say I'm sorry and I make up for it.

On the other hand if that makes me sound like a bad parent I want you to know that I don't care what you think because I trust myself. I try things and I learn from my mistakes.

You should trust yourself too. I trust you. And I distrust the ideas the ego has been upholding.

If you have followed the rules your whole life and yet a persistent hint of insatisfaction haunts you then maybe you should finally take the time to listen in. But you'll never hear anything if you don't quiet the mind.

When our minds are undisturbed it's in those moments we are closest to our true Selves. Observe the ideas that enter your mind when you are in a state of complete peace. You will begin to understand the power of being in that state.

A state of complete peace is a moment where you would find it interesting to watch a bug doing its thing for hours on end. A state where the world doesn't exist.

Why haven't you ever started that project you've been thinking of? No time? No belief in yourself? You haven't started that project because you never give the mind a rest. It is constantly being fed with bad data. There is much thought pollution out there.

In order to express your voice you must swim against the current. It isn't easy so very few of us try. But understand that you are being fed information that is keeping you from your goals. Your mind gets bombarded with bad data and eventually you start believing it.

You start identifying with the counter productive ideas floating around your head. You become the ideas and you box yourself in. These thoughts end up dictating your life and prevent you from expressing your voice. You deny yourself the pleasure of being yourself.

Isn't your voice of any significance? Your voice is of significance because it matters to you. Nothing you see or hear should keep you from being the true you.

Your job and your family are without a doubt significant parts of your life. They are important but you must put your oxygen mask on first. By putting yourself first you also pave the way for others. You become a leader and you begin living a fulfilled life.

You've been trained in such a way that you never take the time for yourself. We use distractions to stay miles away from our dreams. Social media, television, alcohol and other activities keep us away from fulfillment. These activities mask the unease we feel when life quiets down. We call it boredom and we believe it's the enemy.

Boredom is your friend. Use it to propel you forward. Be the observer of yourself in the state of boredom. What's your next move? You'll feel the urge to reach for your phone but you must ignore it. Be strong. Stay there. Why don't you write down the ideas going through your head? Your voice is the path to true freedom.

The first thing you could write are the things that are keeping you from real progress. There can be more than just social media. We sometimes find activities that have the potential of being fulfilling but aren't because of the way we do them.

People seem to be engaging in physical activities more than in the past. Health is of utmost importance but sometimes its pursuit becomes unhealthy.

If you're running a marathon because social media friends have been showing off then maybe you should reconsider.

Do you have 20 things on your bucket list because you saw them in your feed? You will not be at ease when you die because everything was checked off your bucket list. Be true to your Self now and you will find fulfillment immediately. You won't need a bucket list.

If you truly believe you have a voice then trust that gut instinct and stop the activities that are keeping it from the world.

Have you ever wondered what you could do to make this world a better place? The problems we face seem insurmountable. But if you let the world see who you really are, your true loving Self, the world will be better.

Find your voice. The world needs it.

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