When will you finally get to that project of yours?

Your project has been calling. Why haven't you started?

You might not be certain of the outcome but you've always dreamed of creating something of your own. You believe you have untapped potential. You have a higher calling.

So why haven't you started?

I'm sure you have become an expert in finding great reasons not to start. You just never feel ready. Could that be it?

You start and then think the house needs to be cleaned first. And you have groceries to buy. You look at your work environment and think it probably needs an upgrade.

Having a good workspace is a project of its own isn't it? You need to plan it out, buy the materials and assemble it all. It will take time.

It feels nice having something between you and the actual project doesn't it? It feels safer. Because if you had to get started trying to figure things out it would mean facing hard facts about yourself. Correct?

What could those facts be? Could it be that you're not quite sure what you want to do? Are you afraid that your ideas aren't good enough? Or maybe you think you will run out of ideas before the project is worthwhile.

Have you even tried? I'm sure you have. Maybe you didn't get to the actual work but you visualised everything you would do. What didn't sit well with you? There must have been something wrong because you would have been on your way to something good.

What have you been telling yourself? You really need to get to the bottom of this because your thoughts are holding you back.

You keep telling yourself things don't you? This is a fact. We all do. All the time our ego is talking. But what are those thoughts and why do they keep occuring?

Wouldn't it be nice if the thoughts running through your head could be the type that propelled you forward? If only you were born with a brain that had good thoughts. Why are you stuck with this bad brain?

Is it possible to change your thoughts? Imagine if you woke up and just started thinking differently. Imagine if all your thoughts were positive. Could that change the outcome of your life?

Are successful people smarter? What could be going on in their head that brought them to where they are? Maybe if you had some of that you could cash in on some success.

Successful people can be both smart and not so smart. Same goes for the unsuccessful pool. So what really differentiates the people that take their ideas to the top and the ones that don't?

Must be what's running through their head isn't it? They must have thoughts that don't slow them down. What do you think?

What is slowing you down and why are you thinking about that?

I'm sure believe your ideas are justified. But are you being honest with yourself or are you being hard on yourself? There is a big difference.

Have you ever heard the phrase ignorance is bliss? Has it ever come to mind that you're probably too savvy for your own good? Your analytical mind is keeping you from attaining something better.

How did you end up that way? What have you been listening to your whole life? Have you been listening to family and friends? What about the television? What about the things you see on social media?

Have you ever imagined that maybe the information you have stored in you brain is detrimental to reaching whatever it is you define as success.

The brain is like an echo chamber and the ideas you decide to keep continue to resonate within you forever. Unless of course you decide to let them go. You could also opt to rise above and laugh at their silliness.

So what have you been telling yourself? Have you been hard on yourself? Do you believe being hard on yourself will get you anywhere in life?

I would like you to think of people who make mistakes. Would could that be? Everyone, right? Think of your children. They make mistakes, don't they. Is being hard on anybody going to help them? Then why do you do it to yourself?

If ever you've wondered why you are not on the way to a better life it's because of what you say to yourself.

I would like you to write down one of the thoughts you have about yourself and look at the words on the paper. Is the ink on the paper who you are? Does the ink define you?

Thoughts are like ink on paper. They are not you. They are just thoughts and you can choose to believe them or you can choose to ignore them.

I want you to think of what you just wrote down. Have that thought in your consciousness but this time see it as if it were ink on paper. See the thought as something apart from you because it is. The thought is not you.

Allow the thought to arise and allow it to subside. The thought might not immediately go away but it will eventually fade. Thoughts always do. They go away and yet you stay. They aren't you.

You must dive into whatever it is you want to do without giving power to thought. Allow yourself to go where it is you have always wanted to go. Go forward with your project.

As you go you will witness the negative thoughts arising. And when they do you mustn't fight them. Allow them to pass and when they do you can say you have no power over me and continue with your project.

Bliss is waiting for you around the corner but you will never get there as long as you are listening to the thoughts that are holding you back.

When you begin this process you will have great success I'm sure. But it's quite possible you will let your guard down. Your early success might have you believe the negative thoughts have gone forever.

Thoughts will never cease to enter your consciousness and that's a good thing. Let them happen but never let them control you. Never let them stop you from doing what you believe is true.

As you work on your project you will never cease to hear the voice of your limiting beliefs. They will always haunt you. They might even play the role of the person that gave them to you. It's true, you could possibly be imagining someone telling you these things.

But don't blame anybody because you must remember that you willfully accepted their ideas as truth. At any point you could have discarded them but you carry them because of your loyalty to someone you hold in your esteem.

Being free of your limiting beliefs would mean disloyalty. This is what you tell yourself.

Can you ever get rid of your limiting beliefs? As long as you pay attention you will never be rid of them. But if you let them occur and continue doing what you believe is true they will eventually lose strength. You can be free of their control.

Limiting beliefs are tenacious. They constantly happen like water drops from a leaky faucet. They never let up.

Faced with such a persistent foe you must arm yourself with the power of surrender. Your thoughts aren't something you can stop but you can change the dynamic and become the observer of them. Observe your thoughts as if from a city bench and watch the passersby pass.

You might not even realise how many nagging negative thoughts are filling your mind. There are many of them and they all have different forms.

There are the quick jabs that can sound like what's the point, this will never amount to anything or this is too much work. They are true only if you believe them.

What do I mean by that?

The thought will happen because you have heard it before. You have been carrying it with you. However, when it arises you are free to believe it or not.

What could be too much work? Such an arbitrary statement yet it can stop us in our tracks. Why would anything be too much work? Too much could possibly be detrimental to health but only if you lead an unhealthy work-life balance.

I assume this is why people say that phrase but its effect is to stop us from moving forward at all. It's like a fact that nobody bothered to check. It comes with an image of someone who went crazy because work led them there.

Then there are the blanket statements like you're an idiot! You make one mistake and then you're nothing other than an idiot. You walk around in shame repeating how can I be such an idiot!

Since you've declared yourself an idiot you think you can never amount to anything. So why even try reaching for higher goals? You believe you're lucky to have a job and you don't let anybody know what you think of yourself.

Being an idiot is just ink on paper. It isn't you, my friend. It's a thought that arises because of something you saw in the past. You feel as if you aren't allowed to make mistakes. You believe others will judge you so you preemptively judge yourself as if to circumvent the assault.

Then there are all the things that you won't do because someone demonstrated to you that whoever did those things was in some way bad, stupid or whatever.

Maybe you remember an example of someone that was shamed for something. You remember people talking about it. Did you bother asking that person about it? What could possibly have been so bad?

People are really averse to failure. I'm certain the only "bad" thing that happened was the fact the person didn't succeed. The person's actions weren't bad. Only the failure.

What if not trying is keeping you from you dreams? What is it exactly that you don't want to do? Is it possible that you don't even know? Is it only the shame you are avoiding? And now you avoid every possible thing you could fail at.

Your dream is calling you and until you start manifesting your ideas you will forever feel caged.

We talked about accepting the negative talk and no longer giving it power. What about the positive talk? Has there ever been any?

What if you filled your head with so much positive talk there was no room for the negative? What if you starting having thoughts that would propel you forward?

You could start by listening to people like Les Brown, Zig Ziglar and Earl Nightingale. And there are books you could read. You could also surround yourself with people that will help you move towards your goals.

You've given power to many negative ideas. As you give them less consideration you can reallocate that energy to the thoughts that will empower you.

But how much should we be listening to positive thinking? You should be listening as much as you need but not so much that it is keeping you from your goals. It should be a healthy and balanced part of your regimen.

I really want you to take charge of your life. I want you to move towards your goals and I want you to manifest all you have within. There should be no barrier between you and the life you dream of.

Unfortunately the barrier between us and our dreams can be our own thoughts. Your transition from thinking to doing can be immediate or can take some time.

A useful tool for understanding what's going on in your head can be a journal. Consider using one to uncover what's really going on in there. Use the ideas in this article to reconsider your relationship with your thoughts.

I really believe your project can completely change your life and the lives of others. Please consider freeing yourself from the confinement of the ideas that are keeping you from it.

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